November 14, 2016

Photography Training

Jimmy is available to train in both photography theory and practical camera basics. He teaches both online and private sessions.  The live training can be a small group or one-on-one. The sessions are typically outdoors unless portrait training is desired.  To purchase a skype class, simply purchase and Jimmy will contact you to arrange a weekly time slot. To purchase a one on one class, be sure that Jimmy is in your area before purchasing, or purchase a preset time.



It won’t help you to learn how to shoot with a 2.8 70-200 mm lens if you don’t have thousands to buy a lens. I teach people where they are and help them move forward with what they have.


If someone is just starting photoshop, they will be only more frsuatrated with the process if they have never learned the basics. Although a fantastic wealth of training is available online, knowing where to start will take you lightyears ahead in the process. If you don’t have photoshop, the majority of the training is worthless. I will offer you advice and techniques with what you have. I have a wealth of experience in photoshop and many additional open source software, free programs and online editors. There is something for everyone to use to help finish their photo for presentaion. I’ll help you find yours.

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I’ll help you find the right way to capture and tone your image for your desired audience. I’ll also help you find the best ways to get affordable porinting of your final work, whether for presentaion or sale.


I help you to know how to interact with subjects to capture authenticity and personality. I also help you scout for locations that will best mesh with your theme or subject.


My hope is to help you get to the point that you know your camera well enough to shoot your shots without the need for editing but challenge you to take them a step further for higher-end appeal.


I’d be honored to show you the simple steps for achieving greater atmosphere. Knowing when to shoot and where is critical for magical shots.


Lighting is the most important phenomenon you will wrestle. It will make or break every shot you take, and I help guide you through knowing indoor and outdoor lighting to make your subject stand out. 

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Sign up now to start propelling yourself to new levels in this fantastic art form. I look forward to working with you and seeing how uniquely you capture your world.

Availability for One-on-One in person training. (You save $10 an hour if two or more of your friends sign up for same teaching slot.)

Currently offering in Sunbury, Delaware, Columbus OHIO area. 

Skype/Facebook Messenger/Video Training available anytime except 9am tp 1pm on Sunday. 

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